Before baptising children we require that the parents attend a baptism preparation course. (Of course if the Godparents are able to attend that is even better.) This takes place on Sunday afternoons. There are three sessions.  Once the course has been completed, the baptism may take place at any of the church services. There are no private baptisms. For the benfit of the congregation we limit the number of baptisms per month at any service.

For Adults, the baptism is done with confirmation, as the two belong together.




The couple to be married must make an appointment with the priest.
Our requirement is that at least one partner must be baptised and be linked to the Parish. There is a special arrangment required if the other partner is not baptised, but it does not prevent the marriage from taking place. Divorced people may be re-married, but if there is a partner of a previous marriage still living there is a special arrangement that will be necessary. Speak to the priest about this..
The couple will need to undergo some form of pre-marriage counselling. This may be done within the parish, or the couple may attend a curse run by the Roman Catholic Parish of St Dominic in Boksburg. One of teh leaders running this course is a member of the Parish. This course takes place three times a year, runs over 6 weeks and there is a charge of R600.
Marriages may take place in wedding venues, but the Bishop will need to give permission for this, and the couple will need to have their marriage blessed in church at a service on one of the following Sundays.
The following documents will be requred;
Copy of baptism certificate
Copy of ID's of the couple.
Copy of ID's of both witnesses.
Copy of divorce decree/s if applicable.
Copy of death certificate of any previous spouses if applicable..
Two ID photos o each of the couple.

There is no charge for the wedding, but there are related charges viz;;
Flowers, Organist, choir, and Verger Fee. Speak to teh Priest about these.

4. Ministry to the Sick and Needy

For those in immediate need:

There is a group of people who will pray for anyone who is in immediate need. The number to contact for the prayer chain is 082-673-2193 (Joyce Frederiksen). This telephone chain operates 24 hours around the clock and your confidentially can be maintained if desired. Otherwise those in need will be included on the broadsheet to be prayed for at services.

For the sick and needy:

Another group of people (the care group) care for the sick and other needy in various ways, by visiting them, cooking meals for them, and doing shopping for them. The number to contact for the care group is 060 825 8641 (Theresa Venter)..

For the chronic ill:

The members of the Guild of St Luke undertake to pray regularly for those who are frail, suffering from cancer, the after effects of a stroke or any other such chronic illness. They meet on the first Thursday of each month at the 9am service where all those on the guild list are mentioned in the prayer intentions. The ministry of prayer and the laying on of hands is also offered at these services.

The ministry of prayer and listening is available at the 8.30 am service at St Rapahel's and the 9am Mass at St Michael's (during communion) from a team of counsellors. 

Anointing and The laying on of hands with prayer for the sick is available at any time by arrangement with the priests.


In the midst of life is death. There are no requirements about whose funeral may take place in church.

There is no charge for the service but see items 3, 4, 6 and 7 below. 

For a service you (the family) will need to consider:

  1. Whether there is to be a cremation or burial after the service. This should be decided by the person concerned through his/her last will and testament.
  2. Whether you would like a funeral Mass (about an hour long) or plain funeral.
  3. What you want to do about flowers. If you like, the church flower ladies can do them for you. You will need to say how much you want them to spend.
  4. What hymns you would like sung (there is a fee payable to the church organist). Normally a funeral service has two hymns and a funeral Mass five.
  5. If you want someone to give a eulogy or the priest to read out a tribute or neither
  6. If you would like our catering group to provide tea and eats in the hall (done by donation per head - roughly R15).
  7. There is also a fee for the verger who opens up and locks up the church, tidies up and keeps an eye on the cars. This is R200.


The rubric (instruction originally printed in red type, hence the name) states “This service is not to be used instead of the Funeral Service”. In other words there must be a funeral service (preferably where the body  is present ). A memorial service may be held when the funeral takes place elsewhere, or when a separate (more intimate) funeral service is held. 


Primarily at a funeral service (as opposed to a Memorial Service) we commend the person to God and the life hereafter. A secondary part of the Funeral Service is to commit the body to its final resting place (cremation or burial). As we offer the collection at the Eucharist we proclaim that everything in heaven and on earth is God’s. Our bodies belong to God. We cannot dispose of them without Him. So the body is brought into church where God is thanked for the life that filled it and the person it was and the body is them committed to its burial or cremation.


It is also far better in terms of the process of grieving and closure for the body to be present. In a very real sense this enables those who loved the person to make their farewell, to find closure, and remember the person's life and love.


We currently have a columbarium under the church where ashes in caskets are placed. There is a small fee for this. This is currently R50.


This is not linked to the columbarium and anyone may be commemorated with a plaque on the wall.  The plaques are granite and we have a supplier whom we use for the supply and engraving. Simply give the Parish Secretary the wording you would like and we will do the rest. The cost of this is R150.


Ministers' Fraternal

We have close relationships with our sisters and brethren in the Roman Catholic, (St Dominic's), Central Methodist and St John's Uniting Presbyterian congregations.

We have at times shared services in Holy Week or Sunday evenings in Lent. ACTS, a "Fresh Expression" church lnked to the Presbyterian Church is also included.



Currently we are running a "drop-in" créche for children of local families near St. Michael's. This is run as a free service, as part of the parish's social responsibility outreach.

The children gather three mornings a week, and are supervised in the parish grounds and buildings.


Tambo Babies

Deacon Barbara has grown a ministry tht developed from visits to the Tambo hospital run by the then AWF. New-born babies were going home after birth wrapped in newspaper. She now has a large ecumenical project that vists teh maternity war every week to hand over parcels ot mothers with babies, containg clothing and other immediate necessities. Contact her direct or the Parish Office if you would like to contribute to this.

Anglican Parish of Boksburg - updated November 1st 2019.