Church of St Michael and all Angels         Sacristy Duty Roster    Jan - April 2018
WEEKDAYS; Thurs 9am; Theresa,           Men's Fell; Debbie          Sat 7.30am; Anne,                    AWF; Theresa
Date Observance Colour Duty team Silvo Notes
SUN 7 EPIPHANY W Anne   Great Feast; procession of elements
SUN 14 EPIPHANY 2 G Loretta & Marilyn    
Tue 16 Men's Fellowship G Debbie    
SUN 21 EPIPHANY 3 G Vicky silvo AWF Mass Sat 20
SUN 28 EPIPHANY 4 G Theresa    
SUN 4 EPIPHANY 5 G Anne    
SUN 11 NEXT BEFORE LENT W Loretta & Marilyn    
Wed 14 Ash Wednesday P 6.30am Anne   Lady Chapel - no ciborium
      9am Theresa   High Altar  30 wafers
      7pm Debbie   as for Sunday Sung Mass (110 wafers)
SUN 18 LENT 1 P Vicky    
Tues 20 Men's Fellowship   NO MASS (Stations)    
SUN 25 LENT 2 P Theresa silvo  
SUN 4 LENT 3 P Anne    
SUN 11 MOTHERING P Loretta & Marilyn    
SUN 18 PASSION P Vicky   cover crosses
Tue 20 Men's Fellowship   NO MASS (Stations)    
SUN 25 PALM SUNDAY R Theresa    
Thur 29 Maundy Thursday 7pm W Theresa    No 9am Mass
Fri 30 Good Friday 12 noon B Anne    
Sat 31 EASTER VIGIL W Anne & Theresa Silvo  
SUN 1 EASTER DAY W Anne   Great Feast; procession of elements
SUN 8 EASTER 2 W Loretta & Marilyn    
SUN 15 EASTER 3 W Vicky    
Tue 17 Men's Fellowship W Debbie    
SUN 22 EASTER 4 W Theresa   AWF Mass Sat 21st
SUN 29 EASTER 5 W Vicky & Theresa