Anglican Parish of Boksburg


7th May 2018

To be a welcoming family of developing Christians, engaging with the community and striving for the glory of God.

Serving God and serving one another.


1.1 Welcome and attendance:


Clergy: Fr Tom Amoore, Deacon Barbara Morrison

Parish Wardens: Andrew Vito, Khaya Mnyandu, George Chaplin

Locally elected councillors:

(Jeffrey Francis - absent), Kyle Nel, Ann Iglauer, (Vusi Ndlovu - apologies), Owen Ramakgapola, Edna Douglas, (Deirdre` & Robbie Paterson - apologies)

Vestry elected councillors: Margaux Feris, Zakes Khumalo, Janice Lyttle, (Peter Sprong - apologies), Pip Chaplin, Mark Holland.

Fr Tom welcomed everyone, and greeted those celebrating birthdays.

1.2 Council Office.

The office was said.

1.3 Minutes of Previous meeting.

Were accepted and signed

1.4 Matters Arising:

01/4.1 Marius Vos - rubbish on corner. Andrew spoke with Marius, who suggested that we redirect our letter to the department of refuse and he will take it further from there. Andrew said he will use current letter, print and hand deliver them personally.

08/4.1.2 Fund raising bottle drive - Margaux said they had not met yet but wanted to run it past council that she can send an e-mail to the sub committee suggesting that they ask the parishioners to collect all silver coins in a bottle of their choice and collection will be on Patronal. Also to put it on the pew leaflet and announce in the notices. Zakes came up with a few other ideas and Fr Tom asked him to join the committee and said to Margaux to send e-mail to sub committee and then to bring it to council


2.1 AHE: Margaux reported - Income down by R1000. Municipal accounts are down as per budget and maintenance is up from budget by R19,000 as opposed to R10,000 surplus

2.2 APB: Margaux Reported - March DG is up from budget by R10,000 Everything else is standard, and expenses are down by R6,000 Loss for month is also down.


To look at the first paragraph of our Mission Statement.

Fr Tom said he has reintroduced the tea groups so that we may get to know each other better.

Andrew reported that his group spoke on issues of the congregation. At St Michael's a few people have asked why the Angel Praise vernacular section is not used. Fr Tom explained that we do not have the music for it. Andrew suggested that the mothers union try and assist in the translation. He also reported that one of the mikes cables for the pa system might be broken. Fr Tom said he must approach Ken as he is the Lay Deacon for the PA System. Andrew also said that the garage at baker house has had two break in attempts and that security needs to be looked at. Fr Tom said that he must refer to executive with a proposal. Andrew will take it further.

George reported that his group discussed the music at St Raphael's. There are technical difficulties with the recorded music but that is getting better with time.

Khaya reported that they had no specific proposals . Except that we need to strive to involve ourselves in the present times. He also suggested that we have our own in house training for councillors so that they know how each congregation is run. Zakes said he would like to see the 3 congregations have the same structure, as he feels lost when attending another congregation. Fr Tom explained that the three congregations have different styles to suit the needs of the parishioners, otherwise what is the point of having 3 congregations? Zakes said the sidesman need proper training of their duties as a sidesman. Fr Tom told him his Lay Deacon should have trained him.


3.1 NIL


4.1.1 Finance & Admin

Andrew will visit the office on Monday 7th to establish what is necessary for

* Telecom system for office that will be less affected by cable problems

* Setting up the SMTP for Microsoft Exchange e-mail accounts

* Determining whether A DHCP setting can be used with the Server

* Enabling the APB contacts list on Debbie's computer

4.1.2 Personnel; staff matters and appointments

The Executive discussed a paper tabled by Khaya aimed at preserving the ethos and customs of the parish on Fr Tom's departure. He is keen to have a single document in writing for general reference. In particular the history of the three church parish and the vision to hold them together needs writing down.




Fr Tom reminded the Wardens of the Parish services coming up for Ascension, Pentecost and Confirmation, in particular that they have been put on sidesmen duty for the 7pm service on Ascension Day.

The music of the parish was discussed and the possibility of Kyle playing a role in all three congregations.




St Gabriel's; the hall gutter is defective and Edna will get quote. Edna will also get a quote on sealing the flat roofs of the vestibule, which at the moment is causing damp in the foyer.

St Raphael's; Vusi reported that the lock on the sliding door of the children's room needs to be altered so it doesn't lock itself. Fr Tom will do so. The blinds need to be maintained.

St Michael's; the West doors need to be repaired. Peter will contact Lectronic to get options and quotes on securing the East (Hospital St) parking area. He will also chase up Peter to maintain that area more regularly.

Pedlar Place; The wardens decided to delegate the maintenance supervision to Pip. She is therefore to be co-opted onto Executive.


Line dance Friday 8th June at St Raphael's - Pip hasn't organised with anyone as of yet. Mark said he had 2 1/2 couples that are willing to help with set up and cleaning up after the event. He will discuss it With Pip.

Patronal Dinner - Andrew & Khaya to put together a team for this event.



5.1 Social Responsibility

a) Pedlar Place Occupancy

Pip reported that the occupancy is at 100% and we still have a tenant who is a little more than a month behind. Will check tomorrow if he has paid his rent, if not he will be given a letter of notice.

Pedlar Place Maintenance

Pip reported that the heat pump has been repaired, but is not working in the new block owing to old Pipes. She has a quote for the amount of R4100 to replace pipes and a valve, from the Company that repaired the heat pump. Council agreed and said she can go ahead.

b) St Raphael's Pre Primary School

Ann read out her report

c) Projects

i) Tambo Babies; Dcn Barbara sent her report via email.

ii) St Michael's Creche - Pip said she had met with Fr Micheal and Ursula but had yet been down to the cellar where the creche is held. She will go and see them either on Wednesday or Friday this week,

5.2 The Wider Church

a) Link Parish


5.3 The Environment



Andrew spoke with Marilyn Van Der Westhuizen about doing a Karaoke fundraising event. She is more than willing. Andrew will take it to executive.

Khaya would like to see a resolution / event book made up so that in future councillors may look up Information in the book. Margaux asked who is going to maintain the book. Fr Tom suggested the

Wardens do this. They are to draw up a proposal and take it to executive.


Council Mon 28th May 19.00 at St Michael's

Closure. The meeting closed with the Grace at 20.56 pm

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