Anglican Parish of Boksburg


30th October 2018

1         ROUTINE MATTERS     


1.1      Welcome and attendance:

Clergy:          (Apologies Fr Tom Amoore,) Deacon Barbara Morrison

Parish Wardens: (Apologies Khaya Mnyandu), Andrew Vito, George Chaplin

Locally elected councillors: Jeffrey Francis, (Apologies Vusi Ndhlovu), Ann Iglauer, Owen Ramakgapola,

 Deirdré and Robbie Paterson, (Apologies Kyle Nel, Edna Douglas).

Vestry elected councillors: (Apologies Margaux Feris), Zakes Khumalo, Janice Lyttle, (Apologies Mark Holland),

(Absent Peter Sprong), (Apologies Pip Chaplin)

George welcomed the members and congratulated those celebrating birthdays and anniversaries.

Dcn Barbara opened the meeting in prayer

1.2      Council Office.

1.3      Minutes of Previous meeting. These were approved and to be signed in the office in the morning.               (Accepted - Ann Iglauer, Seconded - Zakes Khumalo) 

1.4      Matters Arising:

           2018/04/7.2     Wardens resolution book. - is still work in progress. Sheldon has submitted a draft and it is being reviewed.

           2018/04/3.5     Hand -book for parish - is still work in progress. Sheldon has submitted a draft and it is being reviewed.

           2018/07/7.2     Project for school-children - Margaux not present to report.

           2018/07/7.3     Mandela Day appeal -

Zakes reported that he had met with the Rector of St Vincent’s and he is quite happy for us to be involved . Zakes also said he has an anonymous sponsor for the seedlings.



2.1      Nil.



3.1      Parish 

           3.1.1        Report

George presented the report in Margaux’s absence. This was accepted.

3.2      Anglican housing

           3.2.1        Report

                           George presented the report in Margaux’s absence. This was accepted.


4         EXECUTIVE MATTERS            

4.1      4.11         Andrew said there will be a Diocesan meeting on 10th November.

           4.12         The hall was hired out for a birthday party on 13th October. The users damaged the hall, and contrary to agreement removed the tables set out for a funeral tea and decorated the ahll before they were supposed to, gaining access through Joe. It was discussed and decided that the deposit needs to be increased. This to be taken to executive meeting.

           4.13         Plein St water consumption - A leak has been found under the tree next to the steps leading into church. Ian Davies to repair in the morning. Roadside Assist also complained their water consumption had increased a lot. Debbie to give George the last 3 months account for him to investigate.

           4.14         Cash at Pedlar Place. The large amounts of cash kept at Pedlar Place and then brought into the office needs to be looked at . It is unsafe for ALL involved. Deirdre to look into money market at Checkers.


4.2      Matters Arising

           Pedlar Place maintenance. 

           i)     The initial quote of R 47,000 for the heat pump did not include R19,000 installation fee. Pip has obtained another quote of R49,000 which does include installation. It also includes a 1 year warranty and 2 services. Thereafter it will cost R450 a quarter for a service contract. Andrew & Khaya had approved the go-ahead.

           ii)    The burglar bars on the old block have been installed. The tenants on the ground floor of the new block asked if they could have burglar bars as well as they are just as vulnerable. The quote came in as the same for old block (R9500), even though the windows are much bigger. Andrew requested further quotes be obtained.

           iii)     The quote to tile flat 18 is R 3000 and George said this includes the tiles, tiler and cement.


St Gabriel’s; Deirdre complained that St Gabriel’s property is in a bad state and that the gardener and cleaner are not being supervised properly. She has spoken to Colleen about this but it looks as if nothing has been done. The inside of the Church is very dusty, Robbie was asked to look at the vacuum cleaner which he did and it was found in the same place on Sunday morning. George asked Deirdre to ask Edna to speak to Colleen and Lucas and to see if they ae still willing to supervise the gardener and cleaner.


Rented Properties; Ian Davies has been approached to quote for 1 Hospital street and 148 Commissioner street. These quotes are awaited.


5         Reports

5.1      Social Responsibility

           a) Pedlar Place occupancy

George reported on behalf of Pip - 2 flats vacant and another to be vacant at month end.

b) St Raphael’s Pre-primary School

Ann read out her report - George asked Ann if the school could make their flyers bigger so we can put one up in each church. Ann asked if a sign could be put up on the corner of the rectory.


c) St Michael’s Creche

Dcn Barbara said she had received an email from Sonia Van Niekerk and had forwarded it to all. They would like to decorate the cellar for the creche. This will be at no charge to the church. Council agreed in principal but would wait for Fr Tom’s return. Pip’s book club and CBC will be doing the santa shoe boxes and sponsor the year end party.


d) Projects

           Dcn Barbara sent out a report on the baby project.

           e) Library

            Andrew reported that the library is up and running, and books are already being lent out

           f) Family Prayer Day

           To be held on Dec 1st at St Gabriel’s. Deirdre reported that all will be sorted by next council meeting.


5.2      The wider Church

           a) Link Parish

Dcn Barbara said that the Dean is working with us to see why there has been no correspondence from them.

           b) The Environment






6.1      Past Events;

           6.1.1        Patronal Dinner - George congratulated Andrew and Khaya for a wonderful evening. Andrew said the attendance was rather disappointing, and suggested that for future functions no tickets be given without payment and that the cut off date for catering numbers be set earlier as the dinner was over catered.


6.2      Coming Events

           6.2.1        International Evening- there are 9 tables, so far. USA, RSA, Zimbabwe & West Africa, Ireland, Italy, Germany, Hawaii, India and a dessert table. Andrew asked if more tickets could be sold. Janice will organise the wrist bands and Deirdre and Robbie will do ticket sales at the door. Deirdre has bought polystyrene trays. Serviettes, knives and forks are needed.


           6.2.2        Karaoke. Andrew said all is on track and will begin to advertise on Sunday and have posters put up.


           6.2.3        Fundraising and fellowship meeting has been postponed again and a new date 17th November at 10.00am at St Gabriel’s has been set.



7.        Tea Groups did not meet.


NEXT MEETING; 26th November

The meeting ended with the grace at 21.00



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