Anglican Parish of Boksburg


30th July 2018


1.1 Welcome and attendance:

Clergy: Fr Tom Amoore, Deacon Barbara Morrison

Parish Wardens: Andrew Vito, (Apologies Khaya mnyandu, George Chaplin)

Locally elected councillors: Jeffrey Francis, Ann Iglauer, Vusi Ndhlovu, Owen Ramakgapola,

Deirdré and Robbie Paterson, Edna Douglas. (Apologies Kyle Nel)

Vestry elected councillors: Margaux Feris, Zakes Khumalo, Janice Lyttle, Peter Sprong, Pip Chaplin, (Absent; Mark Holland)

Fr Tom welcomed the members and congratulated those celebrating birthdays and anniversaries.

1.2 Council Office.

1.3 Minutes of Previous meeting. These were approved and signed.

1.4 Matters Arising:

2017/01/4.1 Marius Vos and local dumping - Still awaiting response from Health and Cleansing Department

2017/08/4.1.2 Fund raising bottle drive - Margaux with Frans, Merrill, Vusi and Jeff - This will be advertised along with advertising for Patronal dinner.

2018/04/3.5 Hand-book for parish - work in progress

2018/04/7.2 Wardens resolution book. - work in progress.

2018/05/3.2 Library for parishioners- Andrew, Dcn B, Robbie - no meeting has been held.

2018/06/5.11 St Gabriel's waterproofing etc. Done

2018/06/5.12 Water-tanks for Rectory -Still to be done (Fr Tom)

2018/06/5.12 Plumbing of water-tanks for Rectory - Still to be done (Fr Tom)

2018/06/5.14 Fibre to Rectory - done

2018/06/5.21 Council Tour - done.

2018/07/7.2 Project for school-children - Margaux -

2018/07/7.3 Mandela Day appeal - Zakes

Zakes reported. He had visited the Reiger Park Crisis centre offering counselling and support for HIV/Aids, children, and others. The centre has been in operation since 1997.They are fed as well as been given medication etc. They work from containers which are in a deteriorating state. His family had replaced their stove as it had been in a poor state. He had also collected 5 blankets from St Raphael's which had been donated to them.

Fr Tom urged that we consult with St Vincent's before getting involved as the centre is on their doorstep.

A visit will take place on Saturday 11th August, meeting at St Michael's at 9am.


2.1 Letter from Bishop giving Fr Tom a further extension of 6 months till the end of January 2019. The churchwardens have a date to see the Bishop on 6th August to get clarity on the future thereafter. Fr Tom indicated that the archdeacon had said that the bishop has made a policy decision to extend licences for 6 months at a time. He expressed his concern that he has to make arrangements for accommodation thereafter.


3.1 Parish

3.1.1 Report

Margaux presented the report. This was accepted.

3.2 Anglican housing

3.2.1 Report

Margaux presented the report. This was accepted.

4 TEA GROUPS; these met to to look at the fourth paragraph of our Mission statement'


5.1 Executive minutes. Formal Proposals from Executive;

5.11 Purchase of gas hob for rectory. While the Executive recommends this, Fr Tom suggested a delay till after Wardens have seen the Bishop. It would make more sense if not urgent to replace this when re-doing the kitchen.

5.2 Matters noted from the Executive minutes

# 3.1 Fr Tom drew attention to the importance of all portfolio holders maintaining a file which will be passed on as part of the handing over process.

#3.2 Fr Tom reported that our assessment debit order had bounced for the first time. This was not critical.

#6.1 The blocked drain at St Gabriel's has not been fixed yet. Awaiting municipal action.

#6.2 Vusi has yet to do a report on the blinds at St Raphael's.

#6.5 Council had been sent the quotes for the Heat Pumps and accepted the quote from Kwikot for a 22.8 kW pump at a cost of R47,886.

5.3 Fund-Raising and Fellowship

5.2.1 Donkey Derby. Fr Tom thanked Edna and her team for a very well organised and enjoyable evening. Peter expressed the belief that many had desired to attend having attended before but had not been able to, while there were others attending for the first time. It is beleived the rugby may have limited numbers.

5.2.2 Big Walk. Fr Tom still has to arrange someone to organise tables for stall holders.

5.2.3 Patronal Dinner; This will be advertised from Sunday but a price has not yet been determined. This awaits finalisation of catering. It was noted that the Springboks play Australia that afternoon at around 5pm.

5.2.4 Karaoke. This will be advertised after the Patronal Dinner.


6.1 Social Responsibility

a) Pedlar Place occupancy - full, though a third and final warning is to be given to a resident who has a bad drinking habit and has been found passed out outside the flats with the keys in his hand. Pip said she has already given him tow warnings for endangering the safety of the residents.

b) School - Ann read her report which was received. Inter alia it was noted that the geyser had ahd to be replaced after it started leaking.

c) Projects - Barbara's report had been e-mailed and was received.

6.2 The Wider Church

a) Link parish - no response has been received to our letters sent by Merrill and Dcn Barbara.

6.3 The Environment - Nil.


7.1 Deirdre and Andrew spoke for their tea group in proposing that we re-introduce the practice of welcoming newcomers by name at the service, through the welcomers placing the newcomer's card in the collection bowl. Fr Tom said this is in the description of Welcomers tasks. This had been underlined at the St Raphael's meeting held in July. A meeting at St Michael's is to be held this Saturday.

7.2 Andrew noted that quite a few worshippers seem not to know their way around the prayer book and asked for the page numbers to be announced. It was agreed that this would be done from time to time sparingly so as not to intrude in the worship. Again the task of Welcomers in ensuring that newcomers are assisted in finding their way around the place was stressed.

NEXT MEETING; By agreement this will be held on Tuesday 25th September as the 24th September is a public holiday

The meeting ended with the grace at 20.45.