Anglican Parish of Boksburg


30th October 2017

To be a welcoming family of developing Christians, engaging with the community and striving for the glory of God.

Serving God and serving one another.


1.1 Welcome and attendance:


Clergy: Fr Tom Amoore, Deacon Barbara Morrison

Parish Wardens: George Chaplin, Frans Malema, Andrew Vito

Locally elected councillors:

Ann Iglauer, Deirdré and Robbie Paterson, Janice Lyttle, Margaux Feris, Vusi Ndhlovu , Edna Douglas

Vestry elected councillors: Owen Ramakgapola, ,Merrill Severin, Jeffrey Francis,

Co-opted councillors:; Karabo Maupa

Fr Tom welcomed everyone and asked council for their approval for Debbie to attend and do the minutes as Janice is too busy to get them out on time. It was approved.

1.2 Council Office.

The office was said.

1.3 Minutes of Previous meeting.

Accepted after corrections;

1.4 Matters Arising:

01/4.1 Marius Vos is still not responding. It was decided that a letter be sent to the health department, with copies being sent to Marius and the local D.A.

01/4.2 Eucharistic assistants - will be licensed by the Archdeacon at Solemn Evensong and Benediction service on 5th November at St Michaels.

02/4.1 Dance group and use of hall - Jeffrey said he has spoken to Cheslyn and cheslyn has agreed to confirm dates with Debbie in advance. As this is not always happening, and as we need to determine the terms of usage iro payment, a meeting will be arranged with Andrew, Jeffrey and Cheslyn to discuss payment for use of the hall. There are two options to be put forward, 1) Pay R50.00 per session or 2) 10% of fees per student.

04/4.4 Tea served in garden - Andrew & Margaux will see that tea will be served in the garden this Sunday 5th @ St Michael's. This item to be removed from the agenda.

04/4.5 Youth Worship - Owen attended mass at St Chads in Edenvale, to see how they structure their youth worship. He will also forward a copy of the youth programme to Fr Tom. The youth hold a service once a month where they do the entire service excluding Lay Ministers & Priest. The sermon that day is directed at the youth. Owen would like to take the youth there in January when they are back .. On caution from Fr Tom, Owen and Karabo agreed to go and attend a youth worship service there and report back to council before taking any youth there. A survey also needs to be seen by council before it gets sent out in case things need to be changed.

05/2.1.3 Carpets for St Gabriel's - Edna has received quotes from Alpha carpets along with samples. Alpha carpets suggested that the carpet going down the aisle be widened so that it gives the illusion that the pews are all in line. Also the carpet is to go up to the altar rail. At the request of Andrew, Edna agreed to request from the supplier a digital presentation of the different carpets in situ. Fr Tom suggested that Dent carpets be approached as well.

05/4.2 Tour of Parish part 2; Fr tom mentioned that this had ben poorly attended with only Vusi, Margaux, Janice and George present. The planning meeting to be held thereafter had been cancelled. This will now take place at this meeting. The matter to come off the agenda.

05/4.3 Angel Voices magazine - Bev has completed Angel Voices. It now needs to be sent out. Janice to look at e-mailing it.

06/4.3 St Michael's digital projection - To be removed from the agenda.

06/8.3.4 Parish wide raffle -Andrew and Vusi to take charge of raffle as Janice is busy elsewhere. The Angel Sweep draw of R5000.00 will also take place. The Angel Sweep draw for Sept and Oct will be held at the function celebrating Fr Tom's 40years in priesthood.

07/4.2.1 'birthday club' - to be put in the broadsheet.

08/4.1.2 Fund raising bottle drive - Margaux with Frans, Merrill, Vusi and Jeff - nothing has been arranged as of yet.

08/6.1.1 Digital duplicator - Fr Tom has opted for a biz hub. It is a refurbished machine for the cost of R19,5000 excl It can do A3 copies, copy in colour and is cheaper than the Brother photocopier per copy.


2.1 Churchwarden's responsibilities. Fr Tom had e-mailed a draft proposal. He pointed out that it was based on leadership by the wardens with their appointment of sub-wardens. Andrew proposed the appointment of team leaders per congregation. He will produce a draft for the next meeting and the two will then be discussed.


3.1 Parish

3.1.1 George presented the monthly accounts. September is down compared to budget. This is because the DG is down. YTD is still in line with budget and so is DG. September's Expenses have doubled.

The accounts were accepted Nem. Con.

3.1.2 The Diocesan budget has proposed and 8% increase. George proposed that our salaries and rents increase by 8%. Accepted nem con.

3.2 Anglican housing

3.2.1 At a loss of R7000 for September, R28000 was paid out for garage doors. YTD is in line.

The accounts were accepted Nem. con


No matters arising.


5.1 Rector's report

Fr Tom mentioned that the screen in memory of Mattie Weir is finally in place. Sid has requested that someone help him with painting to give it an antique look. No names were suggested by councillors.

5.2 Wardens' report



6.1 Diocese, Diocesan council etc.

6.1.1 The Diocesan council meeting has been moved from the Cathedral to the parish in Voosloorus.

6.2 Link parish report

6.2.1 A letter has been received and passed on to council. Link Sunday had ben set for this past Sunday 29th October. The last meeting of the year will be held this coming Saturday. As it is International evening, neither Merrill nor Dcn Barbara will be attending.

6.3 Anglican Communion



7.1 Review of past events


7.3 Progress on coming events:

7.3.1 International Evening; 4th November 17.00 Janice & Merrill - So far there are 6 tables for food ( Ireland, India, Italy, Germany, Figi and the youth doing sweets.) and 2 for stalls. Deirdre will be selling books. Debbie will arrange with the verger to have the parking opened behind the hall for patrons and the church parking for stall holders. George asked if someone could help Carolyn at the door. Patricia Jeremiah will be approached to help.

7.3.2 10th December Fr Tom's 40th Anniversary of priesthood. Merrill reported that lunch will be a bring and share. There will be a donation of champagne. Ena Amos's son will be asked to do the background music. Fr Atholl will be asked to say a few words.

7.3.3 16th December 18.30 Carols by candle-light. Ann reported for Toni that all was in hand and Toni has spoken to Merrill regarding the music. She will be using the keyboard from St Michael's. Toni has also spoken to Karabo about the youth involvement for the evening.


The following outline was planned. To be confirmed and organisers to be allocated next meeting.

January - nothing to be held

February - 13th February - Shrove Tuesday

16th February - Valentines Cheese and Wine.

March - Nothing

April - 14th April - gala dinner

May - 25th May - Line dance

June - AWF - not Christmas in June

July - 28th July - Donkey Derby

August - 9th August - Big Walk

September - 29th September - Parish Patronal dinner dance.

October - Nothing

November - 3rd November - International Evening

December - Carols by candle light.


8.1 Pedlar Place

8.1.1 A quote of R1550.00 has been received from Willie Steyn for a camera to be put up in the court yard. It was approved.

8.1.2 A quote from Henry Trollip for the amount of R9572.58 to install palisade fencing between the buildings to try and prevent more break ins. It was approved.

8.1.3 A quote for R12554.64 from AAA Alarms was received . This is to place electric fencing on top of palisade fencing. This was held in abeyance pendign teh effectiveness of the palisade in keeping intruders out. .

8.2 St. Raphael's Pre-Primary

8.2.1 Ann presented her report on the school

8.3 St. Michael's Crèche

8.3.1 St Michael's crèche - Merrill reported that there are around 20 children attending the crèche. Ages range from 2yrs - 7 yrs. The crèche is run on a Mon, Wed, and Fri. the children are given lunch and refreshments, which is controlled by Dcn Barbara.

8.4 Tambo babies

8.4.1 Deacon Barbara had emailed her report of the latest handouts and sponsorships

8.5 Tuesday feeding scheme

8.5.1 Nil

8.6 Clinic.

8.6.1 Fr Tom reported. Arrangements are now going smoothly.


9.1 Deirdre asked if the money raised from the book sale could be used for the Tuesday feeding scheme. It was agreed.

St Gabriel's crèche - Patricia has asked for use of the hall on 25th November for their year-end concert to parents. As previously at last council meeting, approved subject to availability of hall.


Council Mon 27th November 19.00 at St Michael's

Closure. The meeting closed with the Grace at 21.50

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