Anglican Parish of Boksburg


1st July 2019

To be a welcoming family of developing Christians, engaging with the community and striving for the glory of God.

Serving God and serving one another.



1.1      Welcome and attendance:


Clergy:        Deacon Barbara Morrison

Parish Wardens: Andrew Vito, Khaya Mnyandu, Mark Holland

Locally elected councillors:

Thulani Mbonambi, Margaux Feris, Vusi Ndlovu, Ann Iglauer, Zakes Khumalo, Deirdre Paterson, Robbie Paterson

                           Apologies; Peter Sprong

Vestry elected councillors:

Humphrey Mdewa, Anthony Smith,

                           Apologies; Edna Douglas, Owen Ramakgapola, Jeffrey Francis

By invitation; Parish Administrator: Fr Tom

As Andrew was delayed, Khaya chaired the meeting.

In the absence of Debbie (her birthday) Fr Tom took minutes.

Khaya welcomed everyone.

SPECIAL ITEM; Khaya announced that the Archdeacon had conveyed to Andrew at a meeting on Saturday that the Bishop’s candidate as Rector was now ready for interviewing and the process would begin soon. In view of this the Wardens will not be pursuing an item on the agenda aimed at approaching the Bishop to make Fr Tony interim Priest-in-Charge.


1.2      Council Office.

The office was said.

1.3      Minutes of Previous meeting.

These were accepted and signed after the following corrections were made.

                   #3.   Typing corrections to read “finances” not “fiances” and “how we finance” not “how do finance”

#5.1.2Deacon Barbara had received a R5000 donation from the Nomads with which she had purchased clothing from Pep Stores. She had not received a R2,500 voucher from Pep Stores.

                   # 6.3        “Line Dance 20th July” should read “Donkey Derby 20th July.”



           2018/06/7.2     Project for School Children - Margaux reported that this will be launched this Sunday with announcements by Deirdre at St Gabriel’s, Vusi at St Raphael’s, and herself at St Michael’s.

           2018/06/7.3     Reiger Park Community Centre - Zakes reported that of three projects mentioned to him, he had decided to go with painting of the buildings. This will involve donating paint.

           2019/02/4.3     Memorandum of understanding - Henry Trollip and Pedlar Place Maintenance.

Robbie presented a list which was passed to Khaya. Among other stipulations were that Henry would not undertake any electrical or plumbing alterations without approval, and the mention that he is not employed by us, and so, if injured, he can not claim though us from WCFund.

                                    Further he may not access flats of tenants without consent unless in an emergency.

Council stresses his status as not being employed, and that he may not therefore have recourse to the CCMA.

Fr Tom proposed that the Memorandum of Understanding be valid for a year, renewable annually, which proposal was accepted..

Robbie reported in support of the document that Henry had been shocked by a light fitting he was working on, and it seemed he may have had a hand in altering it previously. Ian Davies had got a contractor in to fix it.

           2019/02/4.5     Website - Humphrey reported that he had his computer upgraded to be able to work on the website and would pursue the matter.

           2019/03/6.1     Inventory - Fr Tom reported that the Team Leaders were waiting for lists from him.

           2019/03/6.2.4  Hall Gutters at St Gabriel’s - Ian Davies has responded that he is unable to undertake this work, and Rod will take the work to another contractor for a quote.


           2019/04/3.3     St Raphael’s Blinds - A further quote is to be obtained.

           2019/04/3.4     Street signs and Signboards - Fr Tom reported that the administrator is working on this.

           2019/04/3.6     Rat problem - A report on this matter is tabled by the Administrator. This item may now be removed from the agenda.

           2019/04/3.13   Caretaker at Rectory - Fr Tom announced that he will move out on the 15th July.

Deirdre reported that Johann has seen the house and is ready to move in. She will alert hm for the 16th July.

A date was set for the Councillors to view the Rectory this Saturday (6th July) at 10am. Ann and Vusi gave their apologies.


           2019/05/7.1     Armed Response quotes - Deirdre reported that she had received a quotation from Makopano for R368 per property per month, and from Graphite for R391.61 per property per month. She had not approached National (formerly Chubb) in view of her understanding that we had been clients of theirs. Trinity had not got back to her.


She recommended Graphite and Council agreed to cancel the account with Lectronic and switch to Graphite.


           2019/05/7.2     Screens; Fr Tom reported that the screens were in place, but had yet to have surge protectors wired into place. The controller box on order is not yet landed in the country.







                           AHE -      Margaux reported on the finances.


                           APB -      Margaux reported on the fiances,


APB; Debtors age analysis.

Margaux presented the debtors age analysis and explained the items.

Andrew asked about escalating our approach to Kyle Nel, and Margaux suggested we begin gently. Khaya asked that Fr Tom use his influence on Kyle.

                                    It was suggested that Khaya escalate our approach to Vodacom.



           4.1   Alarm Respondents : These will be listed with the new contract.


           4.2   Baker house crack’s - Andrew has inspected them and will call on Ian or perhaps a structural engineer to look at them as it seems all cracks have a common origin which might be load-bearing. It appears safe for the time being.

           4.3   Relationship with the school; Mark reported the committee has met with the School Board, is awaiting a further document from the school and will meet again in 2 weeks time to prepare a report for Council.

           4.4   Homeless Man; Thulani stressed that we should respond in the best spiritual manner to the challenge. He is intent on gaining advice from the Social Workers in the congregation.

           4.5   Resignation of Pip Chaplin.

                   Khaya proposed and it was accepted that she not be replaced on Council.

Khaya proposed that the Pedlar Place Management Committee should look to co-opting someone to replace her if they saw fit.

Fr Tom proposed Deacon Barbara replace her as our liaison with St Michael’s creche. Council agreed.


5         REPORTS


           5.1   Administrator’s report.

                   This had been e-mailed.


Deirdre noted that the Alarm Beams stolen were from St Gabriel’s not St Raphael’s and while we had been paid out by the Insurers, the contractor had not yet done the work, and therefore has not been paid.


           5.2   Social Responsibility 

                   5.2.1        Flat 17

                      The electricity supply from the sub-station had tripped and the municipal technician had proclaimed that it was caused by the heater in flat 17.There seems no evidence for this however as the heater has subsequently been used for a week without the power tripping.. The concern is that it tripped in the sub-station and not at a flat or at the flat’s mains. An electrician needs to come and inspect the possible cause and the state of our earth leakages.

                      In the light of Robbie reporting that Henry had gained access tot eh flat and had been policing the usage of the heater, Fr Tom urged that the M O U stress that Henry is in no way to usurp the power or responsibility of the caretaker.

                      The tenant of flat 17 wishes to renovate the kitchen at her own expense. She has already renovated the bathroom/ toilet. Council approved.

                           Flat 20

                      Letters of complaint have been received from the resident of flat 20 and her sister alluding to the power outages and the need for a generator and commending the caretaker for her concern for the residents.

Khaya proposed that the matter of lighting the passages and stairs during outages be discussed at the next Council meeting.

Fr Tom proposed that we recognise positive things and thank and congratulate the caretaker on attending a First Aid course.


                   5.2.2        Tambo Babies - Dcn Barbara had e-mailed her report and she reported further. She expressed her gratitude to the parish for the wonderful support she has received.


                   5.2.3        St Raphael’s Pre Primary School- Ann sent out her report and it was received by council.


                   5.2.4        St Michael’s Creche - no one to report.



           5.3   The wider church

                   5.3.1        Link Parish - Dcn Barbara said she still has not received a response nor any response from the Dean nor Daphne the Diocesan Link correspondent.


                   5.3.2        Diocese

The Synod reps had met on Saturday when the procedures and motions had been explained to them. Khaya asked that if the councillors had any comments in addition to the comments he has sent out, they send them to the reps.

           5.4   Environment - No spokesperson





           6.1   Donkey derby set for July 27th now. Tickets are on sale.


           6.2   Mothers’ Union High Tea; date set for August 31st.


           6.2   Big Walk; August 9th. Fr Tom asked if the normal organisers will be involved and Deirdre replied that she had approached Ian Davies.


           6.4   Line Dance - Deirdre has approached Pip for contact details.



           7.1   Fr Tom announced that this will be his last Council meting and he tanked the councillors for the privilege of working together. Khaya expressed a vote of thank to Fr Tom.


           7.2   Ann requested Council consent for a long-term usage contract for St Raphael’s hall in the name of Lindie van Aspen (the Swag group) for the purpose of running a Piloxing group, initially on Wednesday evenings with a possibility of expanding to Monday evenings.

Andrew expressed reservations about allowing her access to the keys and security code. Fr Tom expressed the unreasonableness of expecting a councillor to be there to open up and to lock up every session, and indicated that in the case of the Karate group they had been given access from the beginning. Council approved.

Ann proposed the same charge arrangement as for Yoga, namely 20% of fees charged. This was approved.


           7.3   Robbie raised a matter from Pedlar Place. A quote had been obtained from Gordon of Permier Glass (through Lettie) of R10,500 to replace all broken windows in the flats. The painting contractors had suggested that those with small cracks be left. Subsequently Gordon has quoted R1200 to fix the two big windows on the ground floor which need to be painted, and will supply glass for others higher up. Fr Tom suggested it is the responsibility of tenants to fix windows unless they report damage caused by factors outside their control. This has not been done.

Robbie will give letters to the tenants saying that the windows need to be fixed while the painting is being done, and they will be charged for it.


           7.4   Humphrey asked whether it wold be possible to have a Youth worship group for the 18 to 27 year olds. Fr Tom replied that his policy had been that those who desired confirmation were indicating they were adults in the church and should therefore join adult worship. On the other hand a Fellowship group for young adults would be a wonderful idea if someone could be found to run it.


           7.5   Humphrey reported that he had been left pretty much on his own to run Junior Worship at St Michael’s with sanda assisting. Marilyn and Alun had not bee present for many weeks. Thulani has asked for volunteers and will continue to do so.


           7.6   Deirdre pointed out that the duty rosters are not on the website.


           Executive;       Mon 22nd July

           Council;           Mon 29th July

           Closure. The meeting closed with the Grace at 9.27 pm 



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