Anglican Parish of Boksburg


29th January 2018

To be a welcoming family of developing Christians, engaging with the community and striving for the glory of God.

Serving God and serving one another.


1.1 Welcome and attendance:


Clergy: Fr Tom Amoore, Deacon Barbara Morrison

Parish Wardens: George Chaplin, Frans Malema, Andrew Vito

Locally elected councillors:

Deirdré and Robbie Paterson, Janice Lyttle, Ann Iglauer, Margaux Feris, (Vusi Ndhlovu - apologies) , Edna Douglas

Vestry elected councillors: Merrill Severin, Owen Ramakgapola, Jeffrey Francis

Co-opted councillors: Karabo Maupa

Fr Tom welcomed everyone

1.2 Council Office.

The office was said.

1.3 Minutes of Previous meeting.

Accepted and signed

1.4 Matters Arising:

01/4.1 Marius Vos - Fr Tom asked where to now. George asked if they were still dumping. Answer - yes.

02/4.1 Dance group and use of hall - Jeffrey reported that Cheslyn has not responded to their email, requesting a get together. He said he is not sure how to handle the matter from here on. After a lengthy discussion it was decided that the matter needs to be handled diplomatically and find out exactly what he is prepared to pay. Jeffrey and Andrew to meet with him, and finalise by next council meting.

04/4.5 Youth Worship - Owen reported that no action has been taken.

05/2.1.3 Carpets for St Gabriel's - Edna reported that the carpets will be laid this week.

08/4.1.2 Fund raising bottle drive - Margaux reported that she had sent an email out that morning with ideas and is waiting for the committee to respond.




3.1 Parish

3.1.1 Nov & Dec were down in the DG budget. Dec expenses up due to staff bonuses and maintenance also up to the deposit on St Gabriel's carpet. There was a loss in both Nov & Dec. YTD is slightly higher and the deficit is lower.

The accounts were accepted Nem. Con.

3.1.2 Budget

There is an average of 8% increase in the budget. Hiring of properties will be lower, owing to Karate no longer hiring the hall. DG has an 8% increase and collections 4% . Vodacom towers have already been set. Office and admin in negative owing to rebates. Last year we charged 5% admin fee for vodacom . It will be increased to 10% this year.

3.2 Anglican housing

3.2.1 In Nov & Dec we were down on expenditure as there was no major expensive

YTD is up slightly in income and expenditure. There is a surplus of R 134,000, R 22,000.00. More than was budgeted for.

Bad debt

Fr Tom reported that there is an amount of R 102 365 outstanding in bad debts from tenants no longer in the building, some of whom are deceased. This is not reflected on any document before the Council.

Fr Tom suggested that the Council management structure is inadequate as well as the finance reporting structure, in the light of the fact that this has been allowed to occur. Council needs to put a structure in place in place to prevent this in future. Frans proposed a sub-committee comprising the warden, treasurer and two councillors. Fr Tom pointed out that this will be at odds with the structure implicit in the responsibilities of the Wardens as agreed at the last Council meeting. This has to be looked at seriously by Council.

The debtor age analysis is to be circulated to all councillors every month (for parish as well as Anglican Housing.)

Fr Tom proposed that the amount of bad debt be written off. Agreed.

The accounts were accepted Nem. con

3.2.2 Budget

There will be an increase of 7% in the rent and levies. Expenses will be around 8% and elect, plumbing painting etc will be 10%


Tea was taken and the groups met to discuss the best way to hold vestry and how to get maximum support.

Frans report for his group - People had a problem driving at night. Suggested doing a poll to see if they would like to attend mid week, weekend, morning, evening, and if they would attend.

George reported for his group - Take away the snacks and provide a meal, form a committee and make a concerted effort to speak to the parishioners.

Andrew reported for his group Need to do a road show to build up awareness of vestry. For example do mini vestry's at each congregation.

Fr Tom reported for his group - food definitely attracts. They looked at Sunday lunch. A sit down meal and have the meeting whilst people are having lunch. A suggestion from Owen of having a vestry at each congregation had to be rejected as unthinkable.

By consensus, Sunday 11th March was agreed for Vestry with a sit down lunch. It was agreed that all three wardens will do a talk together at each congregation on Sunday 4th March. The service will be shortened.

A committee to organise the food was formed, comprising Ann, Deirdre, Edna, and Janice. Outside people will be recruited


5.1 Rector's report


5.1.1 The Diocesan council has ruled that the auditor (reviewer) of the parish accounts cannot be a member of the parish. Margaux has said her company might be able to assist.

5.1.2 Boksburg Parish AWF held the AGM in August and have voted to pull out of the diocesan AWF, and form their own fellowship organisation. The following reasons were cause for it.

1 They would rather use the money raised in our parish for our own charities.

2. Carolyn and Merrill had attended the meetings of diocesan awf and felt they were excluded by the use of the vernacular and didn't fit culturally.

Andrew asked if they have raised this with them and Merrill said that they had written a leter two years ago without a reply. The Diocesan President Gwen Bam is now wanting to come and talk to the group.

In response to feelings expressed about the sadness of losing contact with the Diocese, Fr Tom pointed out that there was not a single member of Council who belonged to any fellowship group that was affiliated to the Diocese.

Merrill asked if the monies they had raised so far (over R 7500) be held in trust until they have agreed on a constitution and office bearers. Fr Tom said we need to look and see if the AWF constitution allows this.

5.1.3 Pancake evening cannot run as AWF but the ladies are prepared to continue with it and ask that monies raised be donated to the OT Babies and Window of Hope.

5.2 Wardens' report



6.1 Diocese, Diocesan council etc.

6.2 Link parish report - nil

6.3 Anglican Communion; Nil.


7.1 Angel Sweep - There are quite a few draws outstanding, and Fr Tom asked for suggestions as when to do the draws.

It was suggested that they be done on the first Sunday of every month at the birthday teas. Two draws (Sept & Oct) will be drawn at St Gabriel's this coming Sunday , as well as two draws at St Michael's, and the remaining two draws will be done at St Raphael's (Jan & Feb) in March. This will bring us up to date.

7.2 Review of past events

Fr Tom's 40th went off extremely well and was very well organised and very well attended. The food was very good.

Carols by Candlelight - the attendance was down on previous years. Ann suggested that the placement of the chairs had lost some of the sound and that there was something missing. Frans said that they hadn't organised it very well and need to do better in the future.

7.3 Progress on coming events:

7.3.1 Pancake evening has been organised

7.3.2 Valentines Cheese and wine. Merrill as organiser called it off.

Kyle would like to fill the gap with a musical afternoon with refreshments with the young choir performing on the 25th March.

7.3.3 Gala Dinner - Andrew reported that they need a formal planning committee. Volunteers are needed. Please contact Andrew. Frans said that a price on the tickets needed to be finalised tonight owing to time constraint. A ceiling of R 250 per ticket was set.

7.3.4 Line Dance - Pip Chaplin has agreed to run with this fund raiser.


8.1 Pedlar Place

8.1.1 Fr Tom said, as he had mentioned above, that there is a problem with the structure of management on council and this needs to be sorted out. 2 quotes have been received for work at Pedlar Place, yet no councillor is abreast of the work required.

Councillors are challenged to come to the February meeting with structural proposals.

The quotes are;

1. Lift door not closing properly. Otis has quoted R 8644.50. George claimed that as they had the maintenance contract they are the only ones able to do this.

2. Leaking water from condensation above the flooring under the heat pump has caused structural damage which needs urgent repair. One quote of R 15 048 has been received.

Andrew asked if more quotes had been received. The Council has no policy in place about the requirement of quotes and cost levels at which it becomes operative. Further in view of no Council structure to get these quotes it was agreed to go ahead.

The budget will be adjusted to accommodate the above quotes.

8.2 St. Raphael's Pre-Primary

8.2.1 Ann handed out reports. George asked if there will be audited accounts presented at Vestry. Ann replied that she would bring the accountant to answer any questions.

8.3 St. Michael's Creche

8.3.1 Sonia Van Niekerk visited the creche in December with some of her students and gave the children a party and each child received a Santa shoe box. She asked if we could give her figures in April for the amount of children so that she can order the Santa shoe boxes for this year. She also said that her would like to paint out the cellar and make it more welcoming for the Children. Fr Tom stated that because of the damp the wall would not allow the paint to stay on.

8.4 Tambo babies

8.4.1 Dcn Barbara sent out her report and said that she was happy that the newspaper article had mentioned the Anglican Parish of Boksburg and not just her. She said support has been wonderful but funds are low. They have joined with Benoni group who wanted to open a joint bank account, but Dcn Barbara said no. They must have their own. So they basically do their own thing letting each other know when they are visiting the hospital so they do not go on the same day.

8.5 Tuesday feeding scheme

8.5.1 The food donated is inadequate to cover the handouts. Food had to be bought both in December and now for January. However money is being donated so that is fine.

8.6 Clinic.

8.6.1 Fr Tom reported that the clinic has not been back this year and there has been no communication


9.1 nil


Council Mon 26th Feb 2018 19.00 at St Michael's

Closure. The meeting closed with the Grace at 22.00

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