To be a welcoming family of developing Christians, engaging with the community and striving for

the glory of God. Serving God and serving one another.




1.1         Welcome and attendance:



Deacon Barbara Morrison, Father Tom Amoore

Parish Wardens:

Andrew Vito, Frans Malema, George Chaplin

Locally elected councillors:

Ann Iglauer, Deidre and Robbie Paterson, Edna Douglas, Janice Lyttle, Margaux Feris, Owen Ramakgapola

Vestry elected councillors:

Merrill Severin

Co-opted councillors:


Jeffrey Francis, Karabo Maupa, Vusi Ndhlovu

1.2         Council Office.

The office was said.

1.3         Minutes of Previous meeting.

Accepted with renumbering of matters arising and one or two other corrections


1.4         Matters Arising:

01/4.1 Meeting with metro councillors re dumping of rubbish – Marius Vos not responding

01/4.6 St Gabriel’s crèche – Patricia has completed her registration, and query was raised if she is paying the parish 25% per child (until end Nov). She asked if a name board can be put up on main gate and permission was given*  


02/4.1 St. Raphael’s security – new gate to be motorized at cost of R14000, with a receiver added so that old remotes still work reduces the cost to R11400*. To start on Monday so that it is set by Sunday


02/4.1 Dance group and use of hall – Joe opened hall for them as they are known to him and because kitchen gate lock has changed. Wardens to meet with Joe and discuss this with him*


03/9.3 St Michael’s crèche – Next inspection due soon.


04/4.1  Vernacular hymns – Edna didn’t get to ask David Flood, Frans has translated some to see if we have the tunes for the English words, Mbali has also helped identify some tunes

04/4.4  Tea served in garden – waiting for Spring or Summer, see proposal for paving that area

04/4.5  Youth Worship – see special item below re proposal for Teen Worship


05/2.1.3 Carpets for St Gabriel’s – Edna phoned around again and tried House & Home who haven’t replied yet with a quote

05/4.2  Tour of the parish – set for Sat 5th Aug @ 10.00 for council members – St Michael’s and Pedlar Place for first section

05/4.3  Angel Voices magazine –Merrill, Edna on committee, approached Bev Collins to help with typing. First new edition aimed for December

05/4.4  List of keyholders – Andrew was given a comprehensive list of key-holders for St. Michael’s


06/4.3  Suggestions of using projectors and large screens for hymns and liturgy – to add to wish list for vestry.

06/5.1  Pedlar Place garage doors – Deidre got 2nd quote that wasn’t much more cost wise, but the quoter hadn’t been to see the place. Pip to compare and decide

06/8.3.4 Parish wide raffle – prizes available and lists to be distributed a.s.a.p. 26(A-Z) pages of 25 lines  each @ R20 = expected amount of +-R13000 to be raised



2.1.1        None from external sources



3.1         Parish   

3.1.1        Margaux presented the monthly accounts

3.1.2        June’s Income is 11% above budget but YTD 1% short, with a nett deficit overall (417% over budget!)

3.1.3        June’s Expenses is 5% over budget and YTD at almost the same level

3.1.4        The accounts were accepted nem. con*

3.2         Anglican housing

3.2.1        June’s Income is 9% above budget and YTD now 3% above, with a nett deficit overall (3% over budget)

3.2.2        June’s Expenses is 41% over budget but YTD is 8% over

3.2.3        The accounts were accepted nem. con*


4           TEA GROUPS

Council separated into small groups to discuss state of the parish

4.1         Ongoing Projects

4.1.1        A question arose whether small projects can be ‘tendered’ for by individual or group donors. This may be possible if they are added to a ‘wish list’ for council to prioritize and then open to the parish for donors’ help*. Larger projects still need to be passed by vestry.

4.1.2        St Raphael’s church building needs major fundraising and is on hold for this and other reasons. Aldis R who was doing the quantity surveying has been very ill and maybe unable to complete the work he had started for plans to be drawn and finalised. We need to find other folk to help continue this work*.

4.2         New Suggestions

4.2.1        Suggestion was made of a ‘birthday club’ on first or last Sunday of the month for all the birthdays over the past month to provide cake/eats and possibly draw more folks to tea after the service. This would probably only affect St Michael’s and St Raphael’s. St Gabriel’s have tea and cake every week! To approach/help the tea teams on those days

4.2.2        See special items below for proposal for Teen Worship


5           SPECIAL ITEMS

5.1         A printed proposal for Teen Worship improvement

5.1.1        Owen discussed his proposal for improving/retaining Teen Worship. He had identified this through some goals and objectives, and an action plan. The latter would include an anonymous survey (of opinions), encouraging youth participation in the church services (e.g. a ‘Shadow’ Sunday), understanding the Word of God, teaching the importance of prayer, broadening their knowledge of Anglican culture, linking up with other parishes with teen worship. A ‘Shadow Sunday’ would be attempted during patronal festival. Finer details required.

5.2         A printed proposal for paving of outside area by concrete tables in St Michael’s garden

5.2.1        A hand drawn diagram showed the possible area to be paved -  including from furrow and palm tree on north side of the tables to widened ramp to hall on south side, for a width of about 2m, using brick or stone. This was discussed and approved by council.

5.3         A printed proposal for a yoga class at St Raphael’s

5.3.1        Ann presented a proposal by qualified yoga teacher Cheryl Scott, explaining the details of possible weekly yoga sessions on a Wednesday morning in the hall. For both men and women at R100 per lesson. 25% to parish for use of the hall. They would hope to begin on 16th August. Council approved the go ahead.



6.1         Rector’s report


6.2         Wardens’ report

6.2.1        None


7           “ANGLICAN” MATTERS

7.1         Diocese, Diocesan council etc.

7.1.1        Diocesan weekly newsletter is emailed to whole of council

7.2         Link parish report

7.2.1        Merrill reported that she had received a letter from Bassaleg parish new correspondent. Mtr Elizabeth (vicar of St John’s) is either busy or away a lot*

7.3         Anglican Communion

7.3.1        None



8.1         Angel Sweep

8.1.1        None*

8.2         Review of past events

8.2.1        The “Kiddyoke” evening on 22nd July was fun for all that attended and participated (big ‘waiting room’ back stage..)! Thanks to Marilyn, Cheslyn and Hayley


8.3         Progress on coming events:

8.3.1        9th August                   Big Walk and market             Men’s F/S & Milos co-ordinating tables for craft faire (see broadsheet)

8.3.2        16th September            Spring lunch                           AWF Daylight club

8.3.3        1st October                  Patronal celebration                Congregation teams: St Gabriel’s doing usual sit down breakfast, St Michael’s holding a bring-and-share lunch, St Raphael’s holding a bring-and-share brunch, Andrew and Ann to launch a parish wide raffle with weekend away as main prize and other smaller prizes to be drawn after patronal solemn evensong

8.3.4        4th November             International Evening             Janice – co-ordinate teams hosting tables

8.3.5        16th December             Carols by candlelight             Toni and team



9.1         Pedlar Place

9.1.1        See matters arising re garage doors

9.2         St. Raphael’s Pre-Primary

9.2.1        Ann read out her report of the school

9.3         St. Michael’s Crèche

9.3.1        See matters arising

9.4         St. Gabriel’s Crèche

9.4.1        See matters arising

9.5         Tambo babies

9.5.1        Deacon Barbara had emailed her report of the latest handouts and sponsorships and ever growing interest   

9.6         Tuesday/Wednesday feeding scheme

9.6.1        Next handout day is 29th August

9.7         Other


10       GENERAL

10.1.1    See special items above for proposal for yoga sessions*



     Exec               Mon 21st August                     19.00

Council            Mon 28th August                     19.00

Closure.  The meeting closed with the Grace at 21.30






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